Ghost Swirls



It’s October! It wasn’t long before I struggled to get a business license to manufacture and sell cosmetics.
It seems to be frustrated because the property that meets the requirements of the neighborhood is expensive.
For the time being, I’m thinking of making a kitchen soap or something to make a sales channel.
Now the kitchen soap is out for analysis. When the results come back, we will open a legal store.
*It is crazy difficult to get a permit to sell soap in Japan, so the task of getting a permit was too difficult and I gave up.

And ghost swirl!
Ghost swirl is great for the Halloween season!

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to make a ghost swirl using pink macadamia nut oil from the beginning. And I made a reservation for cancer screening and health checkup that had been postponed!

The result is here. It’s a heart.

It seems easy, but the traces of the high-water part and the low-water part did not match, and the pattern could not be attached well. If you think that there was a trace, the pattern will not come out, or if you do it properly, the high moisture fabric will become messy. I like ghost swirl, but the more serious I try, the better the results will escape.

失敗作たち Failed works

いつもの動画はこちら。Familiar video


By the way, the video is made in batches of 500g for two at a time, so the number on the scale is doubled.
I made it with the round one in the group photo above.


Total oil weight250 g
Water as percent of oil weight20.28 %
Super Fat/Discount5 %
Lye Concentration41.667 %
Water : Lye Ratio1.4000:1
Sat : Unsat Ratio50 : 50Iodine49INS167Fragrance Ratio0Fragrance Weight0.00 g
Lye – NaOH0.0801.2836.22
Soap weight before CP cure or HP cook0.74311.88336.92
1Macadamia Nut Oil32.000.1762.8280.00
2Coconut Oil, 76 deg30.000.1652.6575.00
3Lard, Pig Tallow Manteca30.000.1652.6575.00
4Cocoa Butter4.000.0220.3510.00
5Castor Oil4.000.0220.3510.00

苛性ソーダ:水を 1:2.4 にしたいので 36×2.4=86.4

Water is added to the high water batter afterwards.
I want to make the Lye : Water to 1: 2.4, so 36 x 2.4 = 86.4
Low water batter is 51g of water, so 86-51 = 25
I divided the batter into two parts, so I put in about 13g later.
As for the temperature of the hot water, I suddenly added boiling water.

Ghost swirl is really interesting! It’s great because it gives a nice oil color gradation.
I wanted to make the most of the scent of macadamia nut oil, so I made it unscented, but in reality, the scent of cocoa butter is strong.
Well, it has a nice scent.

満足!! Satisfied!

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    1. Thank you! I love the pink macadamia nut oil because it’s so beautiful. I knew it as knowledge, but I didn’t realize it was so beautiful without this month’s rules. Amy, thank you for preparing a really exciting challenge every month!



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