Lollipop Swirls

※12/18 こちらはボーナスカテゴリになりました。
12/18 This is a bonus category.
The actual entry is explained a little at the bottom.


The Soap Challenge Club in December is here!
Lollipop! Christmas! However, the motif is the Japanese sweet “Evening Fireworks”.
When I looked at Instagram, it came out and looked delicious, so I wanted to make it.


My first batch. It’s awful!
In the middle, I thought I’d try making a datemaki, but I couldn’t do it well and maybe it wasn’t cute, so I stopped immediately.

Lollipop swirl is made very easily by good people, but if you do it without much observation, it will be like this.

After reflecting on it and observing it closely, I realized that the place to pour was important. If you pour it on the edge of the previous color, the roll will come in nicely.


The one on the left is a Omble made of titanium dioxide, and the one on the right is a gradation that makes the best use of the color of the batter.

I knew where to pour it, but when I made it into a Omble, I had to pour the batter little by little, and I couldn’t roll it neatly…

I put the dough in one cup so that it would have a gradation in advance.

わかりますでしょうか?Do you understand?

With this, the momentum of the batter to pour will come out, and it should be a Omble for the time being!

それでできたのがこちら Here is the result

レシピはこれです だいたいいつも一緒なんですけど

水 63g
苛性ソーダ 36g
乳酸ナトリウム 5g

ココナッツオイル 75g
ラード 75g
ひまわり油 75g
キャスターオイル 15g
ココアバター 10g

FO Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil
色材 ファストカラー パステルAの5色

This is the recipe. It’s almost always the same.

Water 63g
Lye 36g
Sodium lactate 5g

Coconut oil 75g
Lard 75g
Sunflower oil (hige oleic) 75g
Caster oil 15g
cocoa butter 10g
FO Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Color Material Fast color 5 pastel A colors

A great video that shows the recipe from the beginning to the end

This challenge gave me confidence in getting involved in lollipops, so I’d like to make a regular lollipop in the near future.

断面も可愛いです。ドリーミー。The cross section is also cute. dreamy.


If I were thinking! Due to the misreading of English, I thought that an additional element was necessary for the lollipop part, but I needed it “outside”, so I hurriedly attached a rim like this.

あんまりかわいくない!Not very cute!

I felt it was forced, so I hurriedly remade it.

OK! Kawaii!

I dealt with soap dough for the first time, too in a hurry, so it’s sloppy, but somehow it’s in shape. After making it, I felt like “Kimetsu no Yaiba” for a moment, but I tried not to think about it.

巻きは完璧です!The winding is perfect!

リムがちょっと残念。The rim is a little disappointing.

I want to eliminate the feel of cornstarch. Anyway, I’m glad I was in time!

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    1. Thank you, Amy!
      Maybe it was a good deal to enjoy the two types this time 😂 Thank you for always providing a wonderful place for learning and presentation! I really enjoyed the last challenge of the year. I look forward to working with you next year.



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