Kiss Pour

2月のソープチャレンジクラブのお題、Kiss Pourです。
This is Kiss Pour, the theme of the Soap Challenge Club in February.
This was really a challenge to make a lot. The only way to do this is to stick the two pitchers together and let them flow like a waterfall to create a pattern, but the result will change depending on how you put the dough in the pitcher, the order, how it flows, how you move it, and how many traces you have. Will also be made.

And I’m barely thinking that this month may be a bonus entry, so I just pray!
In such a case, I think I should entry early or ask Amy & Bubble Support directly, but I don’t have time to recreate it anymore, so I just pray.

This is My Entry

I can’t eat fruit, so at least I enjoyed it with soap.


What I learned this month
・ If you want to continue the loose trace, just wait from the emulsified state.
・ If you move your hand too much, the pattern will move too much, so it is not very good.
・ Lye solution is a little heavy. Water 200cc = 200g, but be careful when trying because it will be a little heavy
・ Water-soluble titanium dioxide can’t be helped


・Water : 250g
・Lye : 150g
・Sodium lactate : 2 tsp
・Coconut Oil : 300g
・Lard : 300g
・Cocoa butter : 40g
・Sunflower Oil : 300g
・Caster Oil : 60g

Southern Peach Fragrance Oil (sold out)
Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil
Grape (Natural Rose / Japanese supplier )

Soap side is cute!

ちょっと嬉しくて欲張りすぎた写真 A photo that was a little happy and too greedy
ネオンカラーが目にしみる Neon color is visible

I made it all this month, so I learned a lot.

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